22 Mart 2009 Pazar

dml list of the day

-sugarcult-counting stars
(crashing down was my biggest mistake)
-yann tiersen-la dispute
-metric-siamese cities
(aldırmazsan aldırma ama kendini kandırman gerek)
-gary jules-mad world
(..kind a funny,I find it kind a sad..)
-I am Kloot-Proof
(who am I without you?)
-yann tiersen-monochrome
(dont worry,I often go to dinners and parties)
(Would you like to stone me?)
-bon jovi-I ll be there for u
(words cant say what love can do)
-beck-everybody's gotta learn sometimes
(change your heart)
-damien rice-amie
(Nothing unusual, nothing's changed just a little older that's all)
-nicki parrot-moon river
(Wherever youre going Im going your way)
-nelly furtado-say it right
(you don't mean nothing at all to me)
-lynyrd skynyrd-simple man
(Be something you love and understand)
-the fray-how to save a life
(As he begins to raise his voice you lower yours and grant him one last choice)
-anna nalick-wreck of the day
(If this is giving up, then I'm giving up)
-aimee mann-it's not
(People are tricky, you cant afford to show anything risky, anything they dont know)
-DJ shadow-six days
(You never thought we'd go to war after all the things we saw its April Fools' day)
-fall otu boy-dance dance
(If they knew how misery loved me)
-placebo-I know
(I know the past will catch you up as you run faster)
-duman-aman aman
(sıraya dizdin bizi zaman)

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