31 Mart 2009 Salı

from this and that:

from next table:
"-kardeşler birbirini niye çıplak görmüyor?
-selülitten çatlağa atlayan muhabbet..
-aktar çözümleri
-pardon ne yazıyorsunuz?
-kadınlar ve erkekler:
ya nasıl yapıyorsunuz anlamıyorum yani evde yaşayan bir kadın la???"

erkeklerinde kadınalrında yanıldıkları ortak mevzu bence karşılarındakileri(erkek yada kadın)kendilerinden farklı sanmaları..Sen aldatıyorsan o da aldatabilir. Sen aldatmayı düşünebiliyorsan o da düşünebilir?..
every'fuckin'thing s possible.
why r u still thinkin' da u r a little special precious than?.)

for the girl:
I m just starting with you..be ready than..

for the boy1:
I dunno what u r up to
I really dun care..just be carefull..;

for boy2:
sure you r an ass.)but u r still cute
I forgive u..everybody needs some fresh air sometimes.)

for him:
likeable boy..

getting jealous:
I might be the most jealous person in the world..for sure..
but one thing s more sure that I m also the calm'est'..
I went to a bar..
took out my notebook
looked around ..saw somethings, noted somethings
someone asked me what I m writin'
I answered him cause he was pleasent.)
but I lied to him and I ve no regrets about id.) after it all..he was just somebody..

I m having lots of fun these dayz..I hope em to continue this way..
cause I like myself more when I m having fun..
and when I like myself more..

and the quote:
"writing makes me calm..and not only easy calm, calm in any situation.. it can be a "feeling" that I m writing or a song lyric or somebodies words or may be a menu line..everything..so I reccomend u to write..it s also interesting.)"

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