26 Mart 2011 Cumartesi


I can't get the idea
of human taking the lives of human above all the living things..

yep..that's intro..
and yep it's because I've just read an article about
the famous bear knut who recently died due to brain conditions in Berlin.

no this is not something about knut specially
I haven't even known her before this article.
but it got me thinking
most of the people will think about this
"while there is so many bad things happening all around the world like the war in libya and the crisis in Japan for example who the fuck cares about a polar bear???"
nobody should apparently..
but why?
what gives a human to think of its specie to be above 'em all?
I havent thought about this before
and don't have much idea but I am sure most of the people will say
the thinking ability seperates human from all animals
because we are not only feeling but also understanding what we feel
and due to the fact of understanding we can also classify our feeling
and that makes us the most special ,unique snowflake all in universe ...
I guess..

or no
I guess not
not knowing that if another living thing may be also can classify and understand some things as well
this possibility
takes away all the power from that snowflakes..
thats what I really guess ı guess..

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